Reducing my stash, kind of…

A bought myself a new gadget. It’s an absolute life saver, quite possibly the most useful gadget I’ve bought besides the kettle. It has improved our quality of life no end, and all for the modest sum of £10 including postage. What did I buy?

A yarn winder!!!


This amazing machine has reduced all of my knotted and untidy balls of wool into these neat little cakes that can be stacked. Isn’t it wonderful? It also provides hours of family fun. See?


After two days of winding I reduced my stash from this

WP_20140409_006 WP_20140409_003

to this!


Worth every penny!


7 thoughts on “Reducing my stash, kind of…

  1. lol – aren’t they the greatest inventions? I got mine within the last year or so, and it has made a huge difference in how neat and tidy things are in yarn world. I used it yesterday to split a skein in half. Still a bit tedious, but neater. 🙂 (I just wound the skein, then wound it again pulling from both ends, then cut it, separated it and wound each half.) I also used it to do some cake dying last summer, and will again this year since it was fun. 🙂

      • lol well, of course check out youtube. But essentially, you wind it into a cake, then submerge it in the color bath. the yarn will take up the color more on the outside and in the center, so it will be variegated. I also have tried filling the bath only half way up the cake, then when it is done, flipping it over and dying the other half another color. that was fun… and thinking about it, I might do that again…

      • Well, I think the first batch I did was some Spud and Chloe sock yarn from… but I have used just plain natural colored wool yarn in a worsted weight, then made hats from it. I used KoolAid and fod coloring for the dye, and for that, it has to be a protein based yarn, like silk or wool. I was just messing about, it turns out there is a whole science to it, who would have guessed?

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