Finishing up toddler makes – a frugal birthday and some dressmaking

Whilst I’ve been sorting out the house and packing ready for our big move, I’ve also been making sure that I’ve finished all my WIPs and projects. The last thing I want is to move with lots of half finished things in project bags that could get lost or damaged in transit. I’ve started with the smaller things, socks and such that I’ve started, and most importantly, I’ve finished the Toddler’s birthday presents!

As it stands, it looks as though her third birthday is going to coincide with us moving, so I figured that the sooner I got them finished, the easier it would be on me. As they are all finished and wrapped, I can take them to Nanna and Yak Yak’s (her name for granddad) and they will be safe and secure.

I started with her last Totoro, which didn’t take too long at all. Now I have finished all three and they look great together. I really hope she likes these, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out!


As I have had to sort out my fabric, I decided to give dressmaking a go and make her a little playdress. I have never followed a pattern to make a garment from scratch, so even though the pattern seemed easy, I was fairly scared! The pattern, from Mollie Makes, was for a little mouse dress, but why have a mouse when you can have Totoro?


Totoro was entirely freehand, so it was quite nerve racking, but he looks pretty cool considering I don’t do much appliqué at all! I used bondaweb to help out, and stitched over it by hand.

This dress is reversible, and for the other side I used some beautiful fabric from The Little Fabric Shop that I had bought specifically for this dress.


It’s a little wonky and the top-stitching is frightening, but it could be much worse for a first attempt! Now I wonder if I can make an adult sized one…


6 thoughts on “Finishing up toddler makes – a frugal birthday and some dressmaking

  1. Fabulous! Your courage at striking out & doing new things is to be admired. Only way to learn! The toddler will be SO thrilled I’m sure! All the best with the move!

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