Our Handmade Wedding

After over a year of planning and making, me and my better half have finally tied the knot. I say finally, as next year is our tenth anniversary, and we’ve been engaged for nearly three years. Anyhoo, I thought I would share some of our wedding with you lovely people.

A lot of hard work went into putting this wedding together. We had a tiny (and I mean TINY) budget so I had to make everything myself, and what I didn’t make myself I thrifted, or used what we already had. As you can see, our photographer was amazing.

You can see more of his work here.

IMG_5507 IMG_5557 copy IMG_5586

These are the handmade buttonholes. The groom’s is made entirely out of sheet music and matched my bouquet. The others had one sheet music flower, and the rest matched the centres.

IMG_5645 IMG_5649 IMG_5697

This is my bouquet. It has origami flowers made from sheet music and book pages, each with a pearl centre. There is a pale pink lace between all the flowers, and a vintage faux pearls are draped over the top.

IMG_5979 IMG_5991 IMG_5976 IMG_6078 IMG_6076

The centres for the tables were some hard back books from our collections topped with a vintage tea cup (which we already owned) full of flowers. Scattered around these were hearts stamped from sheet music and book pages, and decorated jars for tea lights.


For the favours, I hand painted two old apple crates, and filled decorative sandwich bags with bubbles, poppers and personalised matches,

IMG_5766 IMG_6122 IMG_5737

The ceremony room was decorated with hand painted canvases that had  music references with a special meaning to us. In the reception room there was miles of bunting and lots of tissue paper pom poms that accentuated the existing columns in the ballroom,

And because it was such a beautiful day, here are some of my favourite moments

IMG_6127 copy 2 IMG_5998 IMG_5763

IMG_5673 IMG_5634 IMG_5631

IMG_5573 copyIMG_5589 IMG_5653


Looks a bit nervous, doesn’t he?

IMG_5808 IMG_5845

And they all lived happily ever after…





12 thoughts on “Our Handmade Wedding

  1. You did such an amazing job..your bouquet is simply stunning and your table centrepieces with the books and teacups are so original and gorgeous! Fantastic..your little girly is sooo adorable!

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