Tricking the toddler into eating

It’s not that she won’t eat, or that she’s fussy with her food, she just won’t sit still long enough to eat it, and even if she does, your dinner always looks better. Cue half an hour of swapping food, and then she doesn’t want any.  Frustrated, and more than a little annoyed at all the food that was being wasted (read  ‘wasted’ as ‘that I ate’) I took to the internet in search of advice. Continue reading


Start ’em young – Family gardening fun

There’s no real direction to this post, just a few photos of our lovely daughter Amelia enjoying her favourite thing in the world – getting outside and getting muddy! Continue reading

Amelia takes an interest in the veggies

Fruit, veg and Amelia

It’s not quite related to my allotment adventures, but Amelia recently decided that the fruit and veg baskets at her grandparents’ house most definitely should not contain any vegetables; but should instead contain her, and her alone.

And who were we to stop her?!