Vintage Linen is too Good to Part With…

Whilst sorting through our stuff (yes, this process is taking forever) I decided I really should do something about my endless supply of vintage linen. Doilies, place mats, napkins, handkerchiefs, the list goes on and on and I just didn’t think I’d be able to use all of it. I’ve already sold a lot of my lace trims, and I’ve given other stuff away, but what about these larger items? We used a lot of them for our wedding, so I was struggling to part with them. I was laying them out on the table to go through them when it occurred to me that they would make a great patchwork, and as we don’t have a tablecloth, it seemed like the ideal thing to make!

I positioned them all out on the table and pinned them together. I then ran them through the machine, zig zagging them together. This probably wasn’t the correct way to do it, there was a bit of buckling and ruching, but hey! I’m still learning! The result is a little rough around the edges, but I like it that way, and more importantly, I used my linen for something genuinely useful!





Further adventures in jumper upcycling

Well, what did I do with the rest of the jumper? It was really super simple, as the shape of the remaining bit meant there was something very obvious I could use it for.


Using some upholstery fabric I had kicking around and some spare bamboo handles I made a


A new knitting bag, which means I have more space to store my knitting projects. Huzzah!

Making something out of nothing

As I have probably mentioned before, I made a lot of bunting for our wedding (I know, that’s the last time I promise). There was tons of scraps from cutting out the triangles, but it seemed such a shame to throw so much away. I had a look on Pinterest for ideas and found a few posts that were about making fabric yardage out of scraps. Being the thrifty type I liked this idea, so I had a root around to see what I had. Continue reading

A little bit of upcycling

I have lots of fabric. I mean LOTS of fabric, and recently beautiful fabric has been flying through the door a couple of metres at a time. Now, I don’t have a big house so I sure as hell don’t have a ‘sewing room’, so where is it all going to go?! It was stuffed into bags and squeezed into every cupboard and box in the house whilst I pondered. Then two days ago I was walking around my favourite second hand sales room when I came upon this going for a song.

WP_20130707_007 Continue reading

It’s been a while…

I haven’t been able to blog lately. It’s not that I’ve not had anything to talk about, quite the opposite. I have just been so ridiculously busy that I’m losing three or four days at a time! Between making wedding decorations, planning a toddler’s birthday, making toddler presents, looking after said toddler, and various other secret things, well, I’ve been a little bit busy. I have been wanting to share this project though.

A few weeks ago (could be weeks, could be longer, I don’t remember) I decided to start crocheting a cardigan for Bobbin for her birthday. She had out grown all of last years light cardigans, and all the ones that fit her were too thick. I had some pink 4 ply left over from a cardigan I started last year but couldn’t finish. The pattern stated that I needed 3x 50g balls, but I decided I didn’t. I based this confident assumption on the fact that 100g balls of acrylic are often a little longer than other yarn types. I felt 1 ball of 100g would be fine and I got started. It was a lovely pattern, one that was featured in Simply Crochet magazine. Any way, I was but a couple of inches from finishing the second arm when I ran out of wool. Turns out that the stated amount was correct. Damn it. “Why don’t you finish it in a different colour?” my OH asked. “No” I said.

The next day we traipsed back to where I thought I’d bought the wool a year earlier. She didn’t stock it anymore. “Rather than choosing a similar shade, you should just go for it with a contrasting shade and make it look deliberate” she said, just as OH came round the corner. Not only had he been right, but someone who knew what they were talking about had confirmed it! I swallowed my pride and went and did just that. I think it turned out pretty good. I got to use a Peppa Pig ribbon that had been sitting around since Christmas, and even snuck in one of the crochet flowers from a few posts back. What do you reckon?

Not all upcycles are keepers

After my mammoth post about all of my WIPs I decided to take action and finish one of them. YAY! I’m very pleased with myself and I really like the end product. It is a pair of crochet sleeves that I’ve added to a vest top that I don’t really wear. Voila, one wearable summer top.



 Riding high on this success, I scoured the house to find another neglected item of clothing that I could improve. I came across this cardigan, which is the most comfortable cardigan in the world, but is pretty ugly.


It was black once upon a time, and the ‘unusual’ dropped-stitch effect prompted my mother to ask if I knew my cardigan was unraveling. With neither the funds nor the inclination to replace it I decided to do something with it. This meant I got to rummage through my ribbons and laces! My favourite hobby!


Aren’t they so pretty? Well I had about an hour before I had to leave the house, so I sat down at my sewing machine and went to work. I really wanted to weave the ribbons through the dropped stitches, but that looked pretty rubbish, so I ended up just covering them up with the ribbons, and well……


Can’t say it’s turned out great. It’s alright for inside the house as it makes me feel like a bit of a mad sewing lady, which I am. Not sure it’s going to make an outing though. Looks a bit like I just fell into my ribbon stash. It doesn’t help that the weight and stitch of the cardigan pulls the ribbons and makes them all wavy.


You can’t win ’em all. I’ll just chalk this one up to experience I suppose. If you don’t try you will never learn. Hopefully the next will be much, much better.

Jam jar covers

These are incredibly versatile. You can add them to jars on your shelves at home for a little vintage chic in the kitchen. You could also put them on a lovely jar of preserves and make very pretty presents for birthdays or Christmas. Or, if you’re like me, you can use them to top empty jars and make yourself some Granny chic storage. Thrifty and good for the environment. Doesn’t get better than that!

These are made from 100% acrylic and can be any colour combination. They look equally good in pretty pastels and eye-popping neons, depending on your taste.