Vintage Linen is too Good to Part With…

Whilst sorting through our stuff (yes, this process is taking forever) I decided I really should do something about my endless supply of vintage linen. Doilies, place mats, napkins, handkerchiefs, the list goes on and on and I just didn’t think I’d be able to use all of it. I’ve already sold a lot of my lace trims, and I’ve given other stuff away, but what about these larger items? We used a lot of them for our wedding, so I was struggling to part with them. I was laying them out on the table to go through them when it occurred to me that they would make a great patchwork, and as we don’t have a tablecloth, it seemed like the ideal thing to make!

I positioned them all out on the table and pinned them together. I then ran them through the machine, zig zagging them together. This probably wasn’t the correct way to do it, there was a bit of buckling and ruching, but hey! I’m still learning! The result is a little rough around the edges, but I like it that way, and more importantly, I used my linen for something genuinely useful!





Beautiful sewing goodies

I just had to share these pretties with you. My parents came today, and my mother said she had picked up some bits I might want, but as they didn’t cost much I could throw them away if I didn’t want them! Not likely! One person’s rubbish is a vintage lovers dream!

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Not all upcycles are keepers

After my mammoth post about all of my WIPs I decided to take action and finish one of them. YAY! I’m very pleased with myself and I really like the end product. It is a pair of crochet sleeves that I’ve added to a vest top that I don’t really wear. Voila, one wearable summer top.



 Riding high on this success, I scoured the house to find another neglected item of clothing that I could improve. I came across this cardigan, which is the most comfortable cardigan in the world, but is pretty ugly.


It was black once upon a time, and the ‘unusual’ dropped-stitch effect prompted my mother to ask if I knew my cardigan was unraveling. With neither the funds nor the inclination to replace it I decided to do something with it. This meant I got to rummage through my ribbons and laces! My favourite hobby!


Aren’t they so pretty? Well I had about an hour before I had to leave the house, so I sat down at my sewing machine and went to work. I really wanted to weave the ribbons through the dropped stitches, but that looked pretty rubbish, so I ended up just covering them up with the ribbons, and well……


Can’t say it’s turned out great. It’s alright for inside the house as it makes me feel like a bit of a mad sewing lady, which I am. Not sure it’s going to make an outing though. Looks a bit like I just fell into my ribbon stash. It doesn’t help that the weight and stitch of the cardigan pulls the ribbons and makes them all wavy.


You can’t win ’em all. I’ll just chalk this one up to experience I suppose. If you don’t try you will never learn. Hopefully the next will be much, much better.